EMR Tutor

The EMR TUTOR will help prepare you for the NREMT Simulated First Responder Test.

4.5 stars on Amazon

EMR TutorAmazon4.5

Prepare for the NREMT exam and the classroom experience with this study guide app.

Just in time training

The EMR (MFR) exam requires in depth knowledge of anatomy, OB, cardiology, trauma and CPR. This application will build your knowledge with flashcards, and then test you with simulations.

Built by heroes

This Application was built and designed by professional firefighters and EMTs. It provides Flashcards, Practice quizzes, Practice Tests, NREMT Skill Sheets and more.

The EMR Tutor is available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.


I am currently taking my ECA / first res ponder course, and this has been a good study reference.
I love the flash cards.
Thank You

Sandy Carter

Very helpful and thanks = probably too much info but i’m not complaining. Seemed to cover everything on the exam, which I haven’t taken yet, but looks very complete so far


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