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Training Heroes

Code3Apps develops phone and tablet apps and eBooks for Emergency Responders to augment their training and development as professional crisis managers.

Made by Professionals

Educational assistance for those studying to become an EMT, firefighter, or engineer.

Study Anywhere

It’s never been easier to study! Run through interactive exercises anywhere, anytime.

Maintain Momentum

Our apps are great for the professional who wants to brush up on their training.

We like to partner

We are always looking to join forces with educational organizations to create new, exciting products!

Our mission

Code3Apps is dedicated to producing high quality training apps to inspire the next generation of heroes!

Our Latest Apps

EMT Tutor
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Firefighter Pocketbook
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What people are saying about our apps

Cheers! Wish I could Thumps Up a thousand time! Very helpful.


This is a really good app. Trying to Get on a ambo crew and it has been a great way to study while on the go at work.


These apps are amazing and I’ve been on them every possible moment! Not sure what i would of done without them!